GoNoodle Review {Plus a giveaway!}

I am a huge advocate for giving students movement breaks in the classroom.  Research shows that short bursts of activity improve student performance.  In my classroom, I give students a "brain break" between every subject area.  Brain breaks are a great way to transition to the next subject because they not only allow students to have a few minutes of movement time, but also allow the teacher to have a few minutes to prep for the next lesson.  We have even been using brain breaks for inside recess this year!  I have written about some of my favorite brain breaks in the {past} and am so excited to share a new site with you today!  Enter: GoNoodle.

GoNoodle Review

I have been using GoNoodle with my second graders for about a month now and it's safe to say that my students are in love with the site... as am I!  Before I tell you what I love about it, I have to mention the fact that is is FREE.  As a technology-loving teacher, I know how rare it is to find a website that not only has great content, but is also student-friendly, has no advertisements, AND is free!  This is definitely a site that you will want to check out and start using with your class tomorrow!  Here is what I love about GoNoode:

1) It's free!!! (There is a premium version available... read more about that below and keep reading for your chance to win a free subscription!)

2) It's easy to use.  You can set up a classroom account in 2 minutes.  All you need is an Internet connection, computer, and a projector or interactive whiteboard.  Here is a photo of my class doing a brain break before a test.

GoNoodle Review

3) GoNoodle uses a game-like experience to engage students in brain breaks.  Before you play for the first time, your class will choose a Champ.  The Champ becomes your class mascot and appears on the main screen with funny messages for students.  Every brain break your class plays earns minutes.  For every 15 minutes you play, your class will level up and the Champ will grow.  My students love seeing how many minutes they have earned.  They get a kick out of the fact that their Champ gets bigger and grows muscles!  Here is a screenshot of my class' home page on GoNoodle.

GoNoodle Review

4) Perhaps the best thing about GoNoodle is that there is a large variety of brain breaks!  Here is a screenshot of the menu:

GoNoodle Review

The GoNoodle brain breaks incorporate dancing, Zumba, yoga, deep breathing, running, and more.  The GoNoodle site even embeds some of the most popular brain break videos from YouTube.  My class is obsessed with the minion version of Happy!  I love being able to access the YouTube videos from GoNoodle without having to go directly to YouTube.  

What makes GoNoodle unique are the videos found in "GoNoodle Games."  After our morning meeting, I have my students play Airtime, which focuses on deep breathing.  A bubble appears on the screen and students breathe in and out as the bubble rises and falls.

GoNoodle Review

After each Air Time session, a postcard appears on the screen.  My students love learning new facts about other states!

GoNoodle Review

We also enjoy playing To the Maximo, which focuses on yoga-style stretches.

GoNoodle Review

Another classroom favorite is the Run With US section, which features a variety of sports that are all introduced to students by real athletes.

GoNoodle Review

All of the brain breaks above (and a lot more!) are included in the free version of GoNoodle!  The brain breaks that are currently available on GoNoodle are free and will always be free; however, teachers may also opt to subscribe to GoNoodle Plus for $99 a year.  The Plus version of GoNoodle includes Common Core aligned brain breaks that focus on ELA and math standards!  

The folks at GoNoodle have allowed me to try out the Plus version of the site and the additional games are wonderful!  My students love Word Jam, which allows them to act out vocabulary words.  We also enjoy Freeze It.  With Freeze it, we choose a topic such as math facts, geography, or reading and students dance in between the content that is presented.  We also enjoy the Mega Math Marathon.  Students are presented with a grade-approiate math question and when they answer it correctly, they get to "turbo run!"  I love the incorporation of academics with brain breaks!  

I hope this quick review has shown you a lot of great features about GoNoodle!

If you are interested in signing up for the FREE version of GoNoodle, click on the image below!

The generous folks at GoNoodle have also offered to give away a free 1 year subscription to GoNoodle Plus!  (A $99 value!)  Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!!!

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  1. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing this! I will definitely look into this for my second graders next year. I wish there was more out there about movement that was as teacher-friendly as GoNoodle!

    One Sassy Teacher

  2. Hi Kate!
    My 2nd graders LOVE the Happy Minion video! We just started using GO NOODLE a few weeks ago, but it is going to save us during our marathon 9-4:35 extended school days when we return from spring break! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! What a great post as well!



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