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I have been blogging for just over three weeks now and have been slacking in the thank you department for blog awards!  So sorry.  I want to thank all of the wonderful bloggers who have awarded me so far!  I just love this community!  I have been hunting around for bloggers who have not received any awards, but it seems as if these awards traveled around like crazy these past few weeks!!!  If you are a new blogger, please comment so I can check out your blog and award you!

Here are the awards I have received:

And here are the lovely bloggers who awarded me.  Make sure you check out their awesome blogs!

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Thank you soooo much, everyone!

Here are my seven random facts that go with the Versatile Blogger Award:

1)  My family has a golden doodle named Izzy.  I am convinced that golden doodles are the cutest dog breed in the world!  She has such a sweet temperament, too!  Here she is:

She thinks that she's a lap dog...

How could you not love this dog?!

2)  This might not be a surprise if you read my About Me section... last summer, I spent three weeks teaching kindergarten in Ghana, Africa.  It was incredible.  I will blog more about it soon :)

This is my kindergarten classroom in Ghana!

3)  I received my master's degree in Community Counseling and am a licensed Professional Counselor in Ohio.  I did my internship at two private practices and a safe house for girls who are at risk for human trafficking.  I kind of sort of want to become a school counselor, but am afraid that I will miss having a classroom!

4)  I am absolutely afraid of needles {had to get 3 shots for Africa... first shots I've had since my kindergarten booster shots if that tells you anything about my phobia!!!} and house centipedes {worst bug in the world}.  I could use some counseling ;)  Don't know what a house centipede is?  Thank your lucky stars you've never had one of these in your shower:

My heart is racing just looking at this picture!!!!!!  

5)  I have been house hunting for a few months!  I still live at home {shhhh!} and am more than ready to have my own space where I can pile up my school work wherever I want!  I haven't been able to find many houses in the right location, so I just emailed a builder yesterday to see if I could afford to build... eeek!

6)  In high school and college, I played keyboard in two rock bands!  It was me and 5 guys :-)  We "toured" around Ohio and Michigan and even recorded cd's in recording studios!  Unfortunately, we were horrible!  Here I am in my rock star glory days:

Those were the days :)

7)  Like many of you wonderful bloggers, I am an extreme perfectionist!  To say that I am detail oriented is an understatement.  My second grade team makes fun of me because they know that I will redo/remake/retweak anything they give me!  Ohhhh perfectionism... it's a blessing in disguise! 

Ok, that's all for now!


  1. I'm the same way. Everything has to have cute font and match my room.

    1. Ughh I know... it's a terrible problem!

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is great and it's awesome to see another second grade teacher out there. Congrats on the award and I look forward to reading more about Africa.

    Heather at TeachItToday!

  3. Kate,
    What part of Ohio are you in? My husband and I are currently building after not finding what we wanted on the market preexisting. I never thought we would be able to build a house, but I was pleasantly surprised that we could. Our builder had an incentive deal on their options, and offered us a large portion of our closing costs by financing through them. We live in Southwestern Ohio and are building with M/I Homes. Long comment short, it doesn't hurt to meet with a builder, you might be surprised!
    Fourth and Ten
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    Formerly Stories From Second


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