I’m still here… barely!!!

Hey all!  I have been MIA this week as I have been slaving away in my classroom!  Today, I worked school registration and was able to meet a few of my new lovelies!  I just love how excited they are to come back to school… hoping they are going to spread that feeling to me ;)  After registration, I spent another riveting day sucking up bugs from my classroom… they are multiplying and I refuse to set up my classroom until it is bug free {{{I realize this is a hopeless thought}}}.  I kid you not:  My vacuum is so full of cobwebs that it won’t even suck any more bugs up {you all know that I have a bug phobia, right?}  This is my life :)

I am linking up with Mrs. Stanford today for the How Do You Plan Linky Party. 


I have a feeling that my way of planning is a bit different from many of you, so I wanted to share!  I am VERY detail oriented… but my classroom plans don’t always reflect that!  I am a concise planner… I like the entire week to fit on ONE PAGE!  This is what my weekly lesson plan sheet looks like:


{By the way, I think I adapted this weekly format from another blogger last year.  If you know who it was, please let me know and I will link it up!}

On the above sheet, I pretty much just write bullet points for each lesson.  The details for each lesson almost always come from a second sheet that I keep next to my plan book for specific units.  For example, if I am teaching my measurement unit, the sheet above might simply say “Day 1” on Monday in the math section, “Day 2” on Tuesday, “Day 3” on Wednesday… and so on.  Then, next to my plan book, I would have my unit plan:

I tweak my unit plans each year, but they serve as my framework from year to year! 

So you have seen what my weekly and daily plans look like… now let me show you my yearly plans—this is where the magic happens!  I teach in a team of 5 second grade teachers.  We have a good share of flexibility in our classrooms, but we do try to stay on the same page unit-wise.  For the past few years, we have all been using what we call a matrix to keep us on the same page.  Here is our matrix from last year:

So there you have it!  Let me know if you have any questions!  And make sure you link up!!

PS:  This is my first time embedding Google Docs {I embedded them in Live Writer}.  Please let me know if they look wonky!  Hope it works!!!

PPS:  Look what I got in the mail today!!  Can you guess what’s inside?!  I will show you very soon!  :)



  1. Very organized! I use a similar weekly planner - it just helps to have all the 'normal' stuffed already filled in! Did I read that right - 4.5 hours of specials a week?? Do you have that time for planning? Lucky if you do!

    The other Kate
    Second Grade Sparkle

    1. Kind of... we are the technology teachers, so that doesn't really count as planning! Also, we have to stay in the library for most of the time our students are there. I'd call it more like three hours of planning! However, the only day I usually get anything done is my coveted art day!

  2. You are SO organized... definitely jealous! But it all looks great.

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. I noticed in your yearly plans that we are using the same math series...I also noticed that you combined the place value units and the addition/ subtraction of 2 digit/ 3 digit. We have had in-depth discussions about doing this but cannot seem to come to an agreement:) Do you like doing it this way? Do you feel it benefits the students? Thanks!!

  4. Hi Mrs. Elliott! We have been combining those units since we first got the series a few years ago. To me, it makes sense to teacher the higher level content with the lower level content because it allows students to build upon their skills. We continue to spiral these units throughout the year so that students' skills stay fresh. I will say, though, that I'm not a big fan of this math series, so we supplement A LOT!

  5. Thanks! Maybe I will try it this year. We have done it in order for a few years and I always end up teaching the higher levels to the kids who need it anyway - so why not just start that way! Love your blog by the way - I so wish I had a creative side but that just isn't one of the gifts I was blessed with. :)

    1. Sounds good, hope it works out for you! And thanks for the compliment :) I'm sure you have many other gifts that you were blessed with!!


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