Website of the Month!

I am excited to share the news that I have been featured as Elementary School’s Website of the Month!  Elementary School is a fantastic resource site for school counselors.  I highly recommend that you pass on the link to your school counselor!  :)  I have known the author of the site, Marissa, for several years.  We both completed our undergrad degrees in Early Childhood Education at Bowling Green State University.  Marissa went straight to grad school for school counseling, where as I went straight into teaching and attended grad school for counseling part time.  I completed my community counseling degree in 2011 and will complete my school counselor endorsement next spring.  Although I love teaching, my favorite part of the day is simply interacting with the kids, which is what has drawn me into school counseling… who knows what the future will hold!

Marissa is a great friend and is very talented!  Her blog features amazing {and free!} resources that are beneficial not only to counselors, but also to classroom teachers.  You can follow Marissa on her blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  Go check out her site!

edukate and inspire

In other counseling related news, EduKate and Inspire was featured on Masters In’s Top 100 Counseling Resources on the web!  The list of resources is absolutely fantastic—please pass on to your counseling friends!!!

edukate and inspire

Check back tomorrow…  I have a fun Christmas freebie I’ve been working on!  I just want to try it out with my class tomorrow before I post it ;)  Have a great week!


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