Camp Quality 2013

Hey all!  Here comes a non-teaching related post!  I just returned from Camp Quality Ohio and wanted to share my experience with you!  I first heard about CQ through my friend, Marissa, at Elementary School Counseling.  Camp Quality is an international organization that focuses on supporting children with cancer and their families.  While there are CQ activities year-round, their main event is a week-long camp for children with cancer and their siblings.  Each camper is paired with an adult companion for the week.  I spent a week in Akron, Ohio as a relief companion, which means that I was able to provide help to any of the companions and campers.  

The camp truly allows kids to be kids again!  Each day, there are structured activities such as camp games, visitors, bonfires, sailing, and fishing.  Kids can also spend all day in the crafts pavilion {my favorite!} or in the wood shop.  We also went off grounds twice-- once for the CQ Talent Show and once for Prom!  We had about 75 campers this year and a TON of volunteers.  The week-long camp is free to campers and entirely volunteer run.  The camp receives so many donations... it's amazing to think about how much work went on behind the scenes to make the camp run so smoothly.

I strongly encourage you to check out the Camp Quality website {USA, Canada, Australia} and see if there's a camp near you!  The majority of the companions are 19-30, so it would be a great experience for teenagers or college students, but there are other ways for adults to get involved too!  Here are a few photos from my week!

 "Fishing" with my companion friends!

Check out all of the items kids can make at the wood shop!  There is a team of men who work all year assembling kits for the kids to build!

Here is Marissa's camper building a carousal!

We had a clown come visit!  He taught us how to make balloon dogs... my dog has a long tail! :)

Marissa's camper requested a "cow head" balloon!

Here are some of our campers with one of the dogs from the Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Team... another amazing organization for you to check out!

Another Hope dog!

One of our campers with the wooden piggy bank she made in the wood shop!

I loved sailing on the lake in a pontoon boat!   

I did not love it when the campers drove the boat!!!  :)

Check out the amazing necklace Marissa's camper made!  She used Sculpy clay to create little foods, such as an ice cream sundae and spaghetti and meatballs!

Here is our cabin dressed up and ready to leave for prom (in 100 degree heat!)  CQ sets up a spa for the kids on prom day.  A team of stylists come in to do hair, make-up, and nails.  The girls can pick out a dress and the boys have tuxes rented for them!

Showing off their prom dresses!

Too cute!!!

Getting ready to enter the Prom photo booth!

Here is a shot of half of the crafts pavilion!  

Hanging out with a camper and a snake! :)

On the last night at dinner, the campers earned a special treat!  They got to dress up their companions for dinner!  Don't we look lovely?!

All of the campers, companions, and volunteers!

Ok, that's all I have for now!  Please take the time to check out CQ!


  1. Wow! That looks like a great time! I am heading over to the website to find a camp near me. :)


    1. Thanks Debbie! I hope you have a camp nearby!

  2. A dear friend of mine and college roommate was VERY involved with Camp Quality in Texas!! She absolutely LOVED it!!!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class


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