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I have been putting off doing my August Currently because I am currently in denial that August is here!!!  This summer has been so busy, but in a good way.  I usually have a lot of spare moments to start working on school stuff, but not this summer.  I haven't even had time to go stir crazy like usual!

Summer kicked off with the birth of my first nephew!  He was born on my first day of summer vacation.  His name is Asher.  I adore him!

I also spent time tutoring three students this summer, did a little house hunting, spent a week at Camp Quality, met some blogger friends, went to Cedar Point, and I might have started dating someone too! :)

I am headed back to my classroom for the first time on Monday.  I never look forward to my very first day back because it involves unpacking everything we have to put away at the end of the year.  My students' lockers are in the classroom, so I usually shove as much stuff into them as I can!  We have some big changes for us this year.  Two weeks left before the kids come back... it's crunch time!

Listening:  I was doing some cleaning in the basement and I found my huge cd binder full of all of the music I listened to in high school and college.  Brought back a lot of memories!  I've been listening to the cd's in my car... can't believe I still know so many of the words!  

Loving:  I LOVED school supply shopping when I was a kid... and I still love it!  No surprise there :)

Thinking:  This is always the point of summer when I realize that I only did about 10% of the school related things I had planned on doing!  Oops.

Wanting:  I sure wish I could escape for a tiny summer getaway!  Although I've had a lot of fun this summer, I could really use a few days of relaxation.

Needing:  FOCUS.  So much left to do.

Back to school must haves: 

1) I am obsessed with our Keurig!  During the school year, I drink the flavored coffees... they have some delicious flavors like Wild Mountain Blueberry, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, and Island Coconut.  In the summer, I use the iced tea K-Cups.  My absolute favorite is Iced Tea Lemonade.

2) I always love getting a new planner or calendar to start the year.  Yesterday, I spent three hours copying all of the important school dates into my planner!  It's going to be a busy year.  

3) Last must have... new pens!!!  I have two absolute favorites:

{love the turquoise, pink, and purple... AND they don't bleed through pages!!}

{erasable pens!!!  these are what I'm going to use in my planner this year}

Ok, that's all for now.  Have a great week!


  1. I too must have a new planner...fortunately I got an Erin Condren planner on its way courtesy of a new teacher gift from my mom. Good luck this year...wishing you all the best.


    1. Ohh lucky you! The Erin Condren planners are amazing! I'm using one I ordered from a photo company last year, but never used :) Have a wonderful first year!!!

  2. I can relate to many things on this list :) I walk back into my room on Monday. But I will have two little girls with me just a little extra challenge. :)

    Curious Firsties

  3. Kate, I love your blog name. I am going to have to check out the pens from your Currently. I didn't know that there were erasable multi-color gel pens. I am definitely getting some of those.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Quinnessential Lessons

  4. I love hearing that you made it to Cedar Point this summer. Since we moved to NC 6 years ago, we haven't been to Cedar Point. Down here in NC there isn't anything that even comes close to Cedar Point.

    I'm going to have to give the Sharpie pens a try, I've heard so many people that love them.

    I don't know why I didn't think of using erasable pens for my planner before. I use pencil, but love to write in color. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. I hadn't been to Cedar Point in 3 years! It was a lot of fun... great new rides! I am VERY picky about pens-- the Sharpie pens are fantastic! Have a great school year!

  5. I can totally relate to the "turn of the calendar to August" blues! I find it goes away when I'm in the process of setting up my classroom (too busy to be depressed!) and totally goes away when I meet my kids! Your nephew is adorable!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  6. Hey girl-

    I love a little old school Dashboard. It's funny that you've been listening to them too. I've been adding nostalgic music to my Spotify lately. Did you know that he used to be a special education teacher?

    I'm feeling your pain as we head back to school- I'm really excited, but more than a little overwhelmed!

    Have a great week!

    ❁ Kate
    Purely Paperless

  7. I am your newest follower! :) I am curious though... how are those erasable pens? I am in love with my InkJoy pens, but wouldn't mind being able to use colored erasable pens for my plan book! (Oh, think of the color coding that could happen!!) :)

    Stop by sometime! :) ~Miss McDonald


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