Currently January and Santa's New Suit!

Hi friends!  I used to apologize for not blogging in a long time, but now it's the norm so I will skip the apology this time!  Up first, my January Currently!

Listening: Did you watch The X Factor this year?  I LOVE the group that won!  They are the cutest boyfriend/girlfriend combo and they have amazing voices.  Check out a YouTube channel of some of their songs {here}.

Loving: Pajama time... self-explanatory!  I love winter break!!!

Thinking: One of the reasons I haven't been around much is that I have been going through the home buying process!  What a process it is!  I can officially say that I am a homeowner now.  I will have possession in a week or two... eeeek!!!

Wanting:  Motivation!!!  I have been hit with the winter-break-is-almost-over blues.  SO MUCH LEFT TO DO.

Needing:  I need to trust in God's timing... I need more patience and faith.  I am a planner by nature.  It is so hard for me to trust in God's timing when answers are unknown. 

Memory:  My nephew is about 7 months old now!  I loved having him around the house at Christmas this year.  It's hard to believe that he will be running around the house at Christmas next year!

For the holidays this year, my class did the Santa's New Suit activity from Nicole Shelby {it's free!!!}.  This is the second year I've done Santa's New Suit and I absolutely love how this project turns out!  The premise is that Santa's suit has been ruined!  Students need to create a new suit and write a letter to Mrs. Claus about why she should choose the student's new and improved suit.

Here is the process I use for the project:

1) I read a letter to the class about how Santa's suit became ruined (Nicole provides this in the unit!)

2) I send a letter to parents and a naked Santa home with students.  Students create the new suits at home as a family project.  Some suits stay simple and some come back elaborate!  Here are a few of my favorites from this year!

Love love love the Duck Dynasty Santa!  And check out the Batman Santa pulled by a dragon!

Food Santas!  The one on the right has "replenishing granola" in case Santa gets hungry :) 

The one on the left has multiple outfits so Santa can change!  The one on the right has a fire extinguisher on his belt!!!

I LOVE the ones that come back student-created like the Santa with rocket boots on the left!  The Santa on the right has a candy cane launcher and a GPS on his wrists!

3) After the new and improved Santa suits come back to school, my students write a persuasive letter to Mrs. Claus about why their Santa suit is the best.  We go through the editing and publishing process in class.

4) Finally, I record my students reading their letters to Mrs. Claus and create an iMovie.  I always send it to my families during Christmas Break.  I love how it turns out!  Check it out below!

Enjoy the final few days of your break!!!


  1. My nephew's baby had his first Christmas! It is so much fun to watch him grow up!! I can't get enough pj time either. You can usually find me in my jammies until noon during winter break! Your post has me excited for Christmas...Only 356 days left!!

  2. Congrats on buying your first home!! How exciting---and that is such a huge time commitment! The Santa outfits are too cute!

    Mind Sparks

  3. Your nephew is adorable! I just love when they are little, but now that my nephew and niece are running around at Christmas, I get really excited to watch them rip into their presents. I, too, find myself apologizing for not blogging a lot. Congrats on purchasing your first home!

    Swinging Through Second Grade

  4. I am in love with Alex and Sierra! They were my favorites from day one! I can hardly wait for them to come out with an album! They're incredible!!


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