Bright Idea: Compound Word Day!

It's time for another bright idea!  Parts of speech are definitely not my favorite topic to teach... they are very dull for students unless you find ways to spice them up!  For each part of speech, I try to find interactive ideas to engage my students.  One of my favorite parts of speech activities is Compound Word Day!

Here are the steps I follow to host Compound Word Day in my classroom:

1) Send a letter home asking students to wear as many compound words as possible on a specific date

2) Calm the storm of children when they arrive to school in crazy outfits! :)

3) Call small groups of students up to the front of the room

4) The rest of the class uses dry erase boards to write down all of the compound words they see on their peers.  Then, the students tell us all of the compound words they're wearing to see if we have missed any!

5) Repeat the process until every student has shown off their outfit

Compound Word Day is a very simple activity that really reinforces the concept in a fun way!  Here are some photos of my students' outfits this year:


Love the sunhat and gumball shirt!

Check out the hotdog earrings!

Bathrobe, headphones, baseball hat, and earplugs!

Check out Spiderman wearing a bathrobe and shinguards! 

Here are a couple of other ideas I use for parts of speech:

1) Noun scavenger hunt: We walk around the school and hunt for nouns that we see (we write them in columns for person, place, or thing).

2) Verb charades: I have cards with verbs on them.  I show one student the card and he or she acts out the verb while students guess.

3) Adjectives: We have a taste test of red, yellow, and green apples and describe each one with adjectives.  I have also brought in unique fruits and vegetables for students to describe.

How do you make parts of speech exciting?  Add your ideas in the comments below! 

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  1. I've done a noun scavenger hunt and verb charades, but never a Compound Word Day! What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE these ideas so much!! Thank you for sharing. My students are going to have a ball!
    Teaching Ever After

  3. Kate - this is so cute!!! I may be moving to third and this looks like so much fun!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  4. Great ideas- thanks for sharing them!

  5. Hey Kate, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the very fun compound word day idea. My class had bunches of fun with it!


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