Five for Friday!

It's time to end my blogging vacation with a little Five for Friday action!  

Here is a great image to explain how I've spent my first month of summer vacation:

Ha!  In all seriousness, I've probably done a lot this first month... but I've also done a lot of non-moving, too.  I bought my first home in January, so it has been great finally having the time to get some painting, yard work, and final unpacking done this summer!

I was pretty pumped when this guy finally arrived in the mail this week!

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I've had a busy school year!  I spent many planning periods and lunches this year interning as a school counselor.  After a few years of coursework and a 600 hour {never ending} internship, I'm pretty happy to finally have my license in my hand!  I'm not leaving the classroom quite yet.  I still have at least one more year in 2nd grade, but I will be waiting for the right opportunity to transition into a school counselor role! :)

One of the highlights of my summer so far has been spending time with this guy!  

My nephew turned one about a month ago!  

Here he is attempting to help me blog.  I would have done a Five for Friday last week, but his "help" was not so helpful.  

A few weeks ago during the neighborhood garage sales, one of my neighbors asked me if anyone had told me about 4th of July.  She was pretty excited to share the news that I would be able to see the fireworks from my yard!  She wasn't kidding.  No more 4th of July traffic jams for me!  I had some of my teacher friends over and we watched the show from my yard.  Great perk of the new house!

Now that I've realized July is halfway over, I've been starting to get into school mode.  I have about a million things I've been wanting to upload to TPT, but before I do, I've decided to give a few items a makeover.  I'm pretty excited about the new cover for my iPhone Clip Art!  First, check out the old version...

iphone clip art
{What was I thinking??}


Here's the new cover!

iphone clip art

 Much better :)

I will be back for some more blogging next week as I join in on a book study!  Stay tuned!

My post will be on July 20th, but you can head over to Curls and a Smile on Saturday, July 12th to begin the book study and learn great ideas for character education in your classroom!


  1. I love the colors of your blog design Kate, and bought your iMe booklet yesterday to use when we go back-to-school! Your summer seems to be going well! There are some days when I do a lot of "non-moving" as well, but I started some back-to-school shopping last week! Congrats on receiving your counselor's license! Yay and hooray for you!
    Stories and Songs in Second

  2. Congratulations with getting your school counselor license. Wishing you the best as you wait for the perfect position. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. Guess if you can't run, you might as well start blogging again, eh? I went to Michael's today and actually made some crafts! Scary, my crafting talent is about on par with my cooking talent!


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