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Addition and subtraction fact fluency is a huge part of our 2nd grade math curriculum!  For some students, math facts come easy, but for others, it's a huge challenge.  I have always enjoyed teaching math fact strategies through music and games to help meet the varying learning styles of students.  Today, I'm linking up for a Just the Math Facts Blog Hop to share my favorite songs and websites for math fact practice!

I love incorporating songs into my math lessons!  I teach math first thing in the morning, so beginning the lesson with a song is a great way to engage students.  Here are 4 of my students' favorite math fact songs:

{This one is an absolute favorite!}

{My students LOVE this one!}
...Last year, they even sang it at the end of the day when we were waiting for buses

Next up... games!  I have a classroom website that I built through Weebly.  On the site, I have a page for each subject area.  When I find a great website, it is super easy to link it to my classroom website. I grab a screenshot of the game and then link it up with my site.  


I have been using XtraMath in my classroom for four years and it is a phenomenal FREE resource.  Students can work on all 4 operations in XtraMath (you can control which operations they work on in each student's settings).  First, students take a placement test on an operation.  Then, XtraMath charts their score on a fact table and displays which facts are automatic, correct but not fluent, and incorrect.  Each time students log on, XtraMath checks their progress and creates a game called Race the Teacher based on what facts students need to work on.  Students can log on for free both at school and at home.  

Students are able to check their progress via the fact chart and teachers/parents can see even more information about their progress.  From the teacher account, I can see a line graph displaying each students' progress, as well as what facts students are struggling with.  I can even see what answers students type in, which I can then screenshot and show parents when there may be a slight effort problem! :)  

The program offers some customization such as extended time and shortened time.  A great feature is that when a student passes an operation, XtraMath alerts the teacher with an email and you can then print out a certificate to send home!  I love XtraMath because it has a simple interface, is add free, and is very practical-- no gimmicks or distractions!  

While XtraMath is more of a drill and practice site, Sumdog is a game-based practice site.  My students LOVE Sumdog because they can play engaging games while practicing their facts.  As students play games, they earn coins and can buy outfits for their avatars!  A neat feature of Sumdog is that students can also practice other math topics, such as place value.  

The above three sites are classics!  ABCya, Interactive Sites for Education, and Arcademic Skill Builders are all FILLED with engaging math games for your students.  Click on each image to be taken to the sites.


 Finally, I will end with two specific games my students love.  The first game is called Speed Grid Addition {there is a Subtraction version, too}.

And, last but not least, my personal favorite... Number Eaters!  Any other children of the 80's remember playing this game in black and white?!  Loved it.

If you have a favorite song or website to help your students learn math facts, please add your links in the comments!  It's always great to find a new resource.

Next up, head over to Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris to read more tips on math fact fluency!  Happy hopping!


  1. Wow, what a lot of great resources! I had no idea XtraMath was free. Now I'm going to have to spend some time getting to know it. I absolutely love the videos...especially the last one on the doubles. How cute!

    Joy Hall
    Joy of Teaching

    1. Thanks Joy! You will definitely have to check out XtraMath. The great this about the site is that it has been free forever, so it's not like other companies that are trying to get their customers to sign up for a premium version!

  2. I absolutely love the videos, and I know my students will, too! My students have been big fans of Xtra Math and Sumdog. I will definitely have to check out the other sites. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. http://mathstory.com/multimediapage/multimediapage.html#.U9psA_nYXgw

    Math story is great there are songs for every math category. I didn't think Xtra Math was free either. My class uses sumdog and they are addicted.

    Thanks for the math songs I just pinned the 10 song to my math pinterest board.


    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for the link-- I will check it out!

  4. I checked out the Xtra Math website earlier. I liked the the school to home link. Thanks for the resources.

    Mr Elementary Math Blog

  5. Kakooma will help with subtraction and addition at the same time - it's based on fact families. www.gregtangmath.com

  6. You listed some great resources here, Kate. One you may not have used before that has totally awesome songs for practicing math facts is www.Flocabulary.com. It has songs for each group of facts. The site is not free, but you can check it out for free for two weeks. My students love it.

    Shane Pransky
    Math is FunDamental


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