Watergate 2014 and BTS14

Hello from Toledo... home of The Great Water Crisis of 2014!  If you haven't already heard about Watergate, here's the {non-scientific} gist:

-On Saturday morning, I woke up to an emergency alert text message and 3 emails from my mother saying not to drink any water!  {She used many more exclamation points in her email}

-It was discovered that there are "harmful algal blooms" in our water (from Lake Erie), which impacts 500,000 people in Toledo and surrounding areas.

-At first, they told us that we could not even TOUCH the water.  Or look at it.  Or think about it.

-The initial alert went out in the middle of the night, so people ran to the stores to buy every water-related item in stock.  I went to Kroger at 8am and they had sold out long before I got there.  I bought two bags of ice at Speedway as a consolation prize.

-Despite the craziness, the city is doing a great job of creating water stations at local firehouses and schools.  The stores have also received a TON of water.  Of course, water is also being sold on Craigslist for $30 a pack.

-Currently, healthy adults can shower in the water, but they recommend keeping the water cold!  Brrrrrr.  Apparently, heating up the water makes the toxins worse.  I took my first shower today and haven't melted yet.

-We are waiting on the results of a bunch of samples sent out to bigger cities.  They keep delaying the results, which is slightly concerning.

-Local businesses are being greatly impacted (except for Max & Ermas who is serving beer and french fries on paper plates).

-My kittens are enjoying their water bowl filled with Dasani.  They will never go back to tap water again.

-Watergate memes are popping up right and left.  Here is my favorite:

{From our 19 snow days this year!}

Ok, new topic!  Are you ready for BTS14?!!  My cart is full and I'm ready to shop!

I have several new products and a few updated products for you to check out!

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Happy shopping!!!!


  1. I should not be smiling....but your post made me smile. It stinks but I'm glad you are safe!! Good luck with the sale! I am off to spend some of my money.
    Curious Firsties

    1. Haha! Had to find the humor in the situation :) Happy shopping!


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