October Currently

It is always a challenge for me to keep up with blogging during the school year.  Thank goodness for Farley's Currently to keep me going! 

Listening:  I recently discovered Hozier's popular song called Take Me to Church.  If you are familiar with the song, take some time to read the story behind the song--very interesting!  I created a Hozier Pandora station and love nearly every song the station plays.  

Loving:  I spent the evening babysitting my nephew, Asher.  He is 16 months old now and is a ton of fun.  He loves to cuddle and read books, be chased around the house, and play with bubbles in the bathtub.  He's pretty cute, too!

Thinking:  I am so thankful that I get to work with my best friends.  Last night, two of my co-workers came over after work.  We were planning on creating some Pinterest crafts, but instead, we made food and talked from 6 PM until 1:00 AM!  I made Pumpkin Pie Dip and Salted Caramel Bark.  Both were delicious and are pinned below.

Wanting: I bought my first home last January.  I spent the whole summer repainting and repairing places in the house.  The only room left to be painted is the kitchen!  My house does not quite feel like a home yet because all of my art and decorations are sitting in a closet (partly because I have two crazy kittens).  I still need to buy a few big pieces of furniture, too.  I am eager to be DONE.

Here are a few reasons why I had to put my decorations away:

Climbing practice...

Ok, I actually left this bowl out because Charlie loves to sit in it!

Oh Lola...

Needing:  Balance.  That was my word of the year last year.  Every school year, it is a challenge for me to find the balance between back to school mode and my non-teaching life.  I am treading water mode right now.  I need to focus on letting go, saying no, and finding time for myself!!!  Any suggestions?

Treat:  I am putting my TPT store on sale until Monday!  I made several new items this summer, such as...

{This one is a Freebie!}


  1. Cute blog! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is so cute. I envy you teaching grade 2. I did it for a year as a long term sub and LOVED it. That pumpkin dip looks soo good!

  2. Your treats look yummy!
    Happy fall :-)
    Chrissy at ReadWriteSing

  3. I loved your cat pictures! They made me laugh. I lost my cat in June. Your house is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Lori! These kittens are crazy, but so lovable! They are jumping from couch to couch right now :) I'm sorry about your cat-- it's so sad to lose a pet. I hope you are having a great year!

  4. Hi Kate - I'm gonna have to try that Salted Carmel Bark very soon. Your nephew is adorable! I sent the link for your iPad clipart to my staff. We're starting a 1:1 iPad initiative this year. :)

  5. I love the iPad binder covers! So cute!

    I am with you on finding balance. This is my 9th year of teaching and I still struggle with it. It's worse now because I'm working on my doctorate and there is no resting with that. For example....it's 3:38 on Sunday afternoon and I haven't touched my pile of stuff I need to have done for tomorrow but that's just fine because I spent some time with my own kids and my hubby and took a much needed recharge. That's what really matters :)

  6. Love the kitty pictures! Reminds me of when we had kittens at our house. Cray times! :D Carol's Teaching Garden


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