Cyber Monday Shopping!

Raise your hand if you did a lot of school work over Thanksgiving break... anyone??  Not me.  I enjoyed some much needed rest!  I also spent time with my adorable nephew, my family, and my naughty kittens.

Here is my nephew snuggling with my sister's Goldendoodle!

And riding the Goldendoodle!

And here are my naughty kittens.  I need to start a blog with just naughty kitten photos.  It would be full.

Here's Charlie lounging on my refridgerator.

This is Lola eating the Chex mix I made for my staff.
{FYI: Mary and Shane... I would not suggest eating anything I bring to work}

And this is what I have to deal with when I get ready in the morning.  Cats.  Everywhere.

Over break, I did some shopping, too!  I am an atypical female and actually hate shopping.  It stresses me out because I am slightly picky and like to research everything I buy.  Unfortunately, because I am a new homeowner, it feels like all I ever do is shop!  I have a huge list of items to look for tomorrow on Cyber Monday.  Hooray for sales.

If you are buying odds and ends on Cyber Monday, don't forget to use Ebates when you shop!  I bought some things from Amazon this weekend and got 8% back on my purchase!  If you've never used Ebates before, it's super easy.  All you do is pull up the Ebates website and then click directly on the store link where you want to do your shopping.  Ebates will redirect you there and you get cash back on your purchase.  Right now, a lot of stores are giving extra cash back for the holidays!  Sephora has 8%, Kohls has 6%, and Groupon has 6%.  If you've never signed up before (it's free!), I would love it if you signed up through my affiliate link below.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Not only am I excited about shopping for house stuff, but the big TPT sale starts tomorrow.  

I am going to be broke by the end of this week.

Here are my most wish listed items!

Up first, here is my newly updated Elfie Antics pack.  Perfect for the adventures of your classroom elf!

If you are a technology lover and create a lot of techie items for your classroom, you can get a great deal on my Techie Super Bundle!

If you are planning ahead for Valentine's Day (or Mother's Day!) this is the perfect pack for a gift or project!

If you are looking for a unique narrative writing project with a techie twist, check out iStudent!

Lastly, if you are a 2nd grade teacher using McGraw-Hill Wonders, you can grab my spelling bundle for an amazing price during the sale!

Whether it be Ebates or TPT, I hope you enjoy your shopping over the next few days!!!

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