3-2-1 Teacher Bio

Thank goodness for the Weekend Warriors team for inspiring me to get out of my blogging slump!  It is a dreary, rainy day here in Ohio, so I have nothing better to do that have some coffee and do some major blog catch-up!  ((Actually, there are many things I should be doing, such as cleaning the house, going to the grocery for the first time in a month, preparing for my garage sale, or running... but blogging is a great distraction!))

1.  I LOVED my year of teaching in a Montessori school.  I taught in the pre-primary classroom in the morning (ages 3-5) and then taught in the kindergarten classroom in the afternoon.  Montessori gave me a great foundation in individualized instruction and meeting the needs of the whole child.  

2.  I tend to be overly organized and have a system for everything!  My teammates laugh when I pull everything out of my cabinets at the end of the school year to re-organize it.  I also love to plan for the school year.  Before every year begins, I create a scope and sequence of the year.  It is a challenge for me to be able to create weekly plans without seeing the big picture first!

3.  After 8 years of teaching, I will be leaving the classroom this upcoming school year.  It is bittersweet, but I am so excited for the next chapter of my career.  More info on the big move is coming soon! :)

1.  I have attempted to train for many races, but I have finally made the commitment to train for my first half marathon this fall!  I have my running plan set up and have signed up for the race (Detroit Free Press).  I am training with four other teachers on my staff.  Running is very challenging for me and it makes such a difference having friends to train with.  

2.  I do not have children, so I have become a mom to my two crazy cats, Charlie and Lola.  They are just over a year old and it's basically like I am living with toddlers.  I probably have more pictures of my cats than you do of your kids.  Everyday is a new adventure...

The collage below is dedicated solely to Charlie's antics!  I should probably start a blog just about him.  He gets into EVERYTHING.  Thank goodness he is cute and cuddly.


I would love love love to go on a hot air balloon ride!  When I was in elementary school, I won a coloring contest and was supposed to be able to go up in a balloon.  When the day came, it was too windy and they never rescheduled the event.  I am still bitter.  Someday, I will get the chance again!!  Bonus points if I get to ride in a hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon like they did on The Bachelor.  

Ok, that's all for now!  Visit my blogging friend below to link-up and grab the images for your own 3-2-1 Bio post!


  1. Thanks for linking up with us for this month's installment of Weekend Warriors, Kate! I say, when given the choice between reading blogs or chores, always pick reading blogs. Haha! I'm a planner and organizer just like you are! A hot air balloon ride sounds very adventurous! I hope you are able to do that one of these days. I'm sure it would be an amazing experience!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. Your cats are adorable. I would totally be a cat person with cats that cute!!

  3. I love planning and organizing too. Maybe this is a teacher trait? ;) Good luck moving on to your next adventure!

  4. Planning, organizing, and color coordinating make my heart happy! I've never thought about taking a hot air balloon ride, but it's definitely on my list now! Thanks for sharing :)

    Simply Secondary

  5. I also like to see the big picture before I can plan week to week! I can't wait to hear what's next for you outside of the classroom. Thanks for linking up with us today!
    Always Kindergarten

  6. I love planning and organizing too!! Your kitties are the cutest! I've been thinking about doing a half marathon too...I'm on week 2 of training :) Thanks for linking up with us!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  7. Kate! What do you mean you are NOT going to be in a classroom? Spill the beans my friend! Where are you going???? And KUDOS for marathon training! That is AMAZEBALLS my friend!

  8. I would love to complete a marathon someday. I wish you well!

  9. How awesome you're training for your first marathon - that's such a big accomplishment! l love to organize, too! Congrats on your next chapter - I can't wait to hear what it is!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First


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