5 Energizing GoNoodle Favorites

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GoNoodle changed the way I do brain breaks in my classroom.  I have always used frequent movement breaks, but with GoNoodle, my breaks have become more fun and engaging--for both my students and myself!  Last school year, I had a class where frequent brain breaks were a necessary component of our day (yes, it was one of those years...)!  Thank goodness GoNoodle has a large variety of breaks!

My favorite thing about GoNoodle is that the videos are separated into categories and channels, so I was always able to choose the video to meet my students' needs for that moment.  GoNoodle has a variety of categories such as guided dancing, free movement, stretching, and calming.  Today's post is going to introduce you to my students' 5 favorite energizing brain breaks.  These are the types of breaks you need to energize your students before transitioning or moving on to a new topic.  The brain breaks below always brought a lot of movement, giggles, and an overall mood change as we gained some energy in order to move on to the next part of our day!

1) "Happy" by Zumba Kids is the ultimate mood changer!  Students loved singing along and trying out the Zumba moves.

2) "Party Rock" was a favorite of my wild boys' crew!  Nothing can beat the robot part!

3) My student know how much I love cats...  "Kitty High Five" is a hilarious song that gets kids moving and giggling! 

4) Another favorite cat brain break!  "Run Like the Kitty" is a super quick movement break that my students loved... only problem is that the song will stick in your head for a month.  

5) Of course, I have to mention the ultimate favorite--- Pop See Ko (and the sequel: Pop See Ko 2.0)!  Pretty sure my students would have chosen this song for EVERY brain break! :)

Do your students have a favorite energizing GoNoodle video?  If so, please share it in the comments below!  I will use a random number generator to choose one comment on September 12th.  The lucky winner will win their very own GoNoodle pencil pouch!

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  1. I LOVE Pop See Ko! Koo Koo Kanga Roo came to our school last year and performed it with us. One of my favorite moments of all time!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  2. We love Pop See Ko and the roller coaster song!

  3. My students (& I) LOVE Pop-si-Ko (the original)!!

  4. My 1st graders and I LOVE all the new videos on their new "channel" of Go Noodle called MooseTube! :)


  5. I haven't used it, but I want to this week after the break!

  6. I will be introducing this to my classroom....I know they will love it!

  7. Pop See Ko is always a class favorite!!

  8. I used GoNoodle a couple of years ago and then completely forgot about it last year! Definitely need to get back on board with it.

  9. My students love Pop See Ko! They also love the Airtime Space. I can't say enough great things from GoNoodle!

    Swinging Through Second Grade

    1. Congrats, Heather!!! I will email you with more info! :)


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