BIC Fight for Your Write 2015 {Giveaway!}

I'm excited to team up with BIC again this year to help show students the importance of handwriting!  The Fight for Your Write website is full of great information all about the ways handwriting helps students.

First, check out this quick video to show your students the importance of handwriting!

Visit the Mission page of Bic's website to read more about six ways handwriting practice can benefit your students:

How Handwriting Helps!

Did you know that handwriting engages 14 different abilities?!

How Handwriting Helps!
Check out BIC's latest supplies below!

BIC School Supplies

The wonderful folks at BIC sent me some great products to review this summer {pictured above}.  As a school supply addict, I am always willing to try out some new supplies!  See those pencils on the left?  They have already become a favorite of the students I've been working with!  Students love the colors, so writing instantly becomes more fun.  Students also love the erasable highlighters {they remind me of the changeable markers from my childhood!}  As an educator, I really appreciate the BIC Atlantis pen.  I commonly write in purple pen, so when I have to head to a meeting, I always have to remind myself to grab a professional pen!  ((Purple pens aren't great for signing IEPs)) Thank goodness the Atlantis pen has black ink and is also extra comfy to write with!

BIC Giveaway

BIC has donated a prize pack for a lucky reader!!!  I am also throwing in my favorite TPT product that focuses on writing, iStudent: All About Me Book.  Enter via the Rafflecopter below!

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5 Energizing GoNoodle Favorites

Do you GoNoodle?  If not, sign up today... it's free!
{Keep reading for your chance to win some GoNoodle swag!}

GoNoodle changed the way I do brain breaks in my classroom.  I have always used frequent movement breaks, but with GoNoodle, my breaks have become more fun and engaging--for both my students and myself!  Last school year, I had a class where frequent brain breaks were a necessary component of our day (yes, it was one of those years...)!  Thank goodness GoNoodle has a large variety of breaks!

My favorite thing about GoNoodle is that the videos are separated into categories and channels, so I was always able to choose the video to meet my students' needs for that moment.  GoNoodle has a variety of categories such as guided dancing, free movement, stretching, and calming.  Today's post is going to introduce you to my students' 5 favorite energizing brain breaks.  These are the types of breaks you need to energize your students before transitioning or moving on to a new topic.  The brain breaks below always brought a lot of movement, giggles, and an overall mood change as we gained some energy in order to move on to the next part of our day!

1) "Happy" by Zumba Kids is the ultimate mood changer!  Students loved singing along and trying out the Zumba moves.

2) "Party Rock" was a favorite of my wild boys' crew!  Nothing can beat the robot part!

3) My student know how much I love cats...  "Kitty High Five" is a hilarious song that gets kids moving and giggling! 

4) Another favorite cat brain break!  "Run Like the Kitty" is a super quick movement break that my students loved... only problem is that the song will stick in your head for a month.  

5) Of course, I have to mention the ultimate favorite--- Pop See Ko (and the sequel: Pop See Ko 2.0)!  Pretty sure my students would have chosen this song for EVERY brain break! :)

Do your students have a favorite energizing GoNoodle video?  If so, please share it in the comments below!  I will use a random number generator to choose one comment on September 12th.  The lucky winner will win their very own GoNoodle pencil pouch!

Want to do some shopping for more swag in the GoNoodle shop?  
Use the code "BTSwithGoNoodle" for 15% off until September 11th!


3-2-1 Teacher Bio

Thank goodness for the Weekend Warriors team for inspiring me to get out of my blogging slump!  It is a dreary, rainy day here in Ohio, so I have nothing better to do that have some coffee and do some major blog catch-up!  ((Actually, there are many things I should be doing, such as cleaning the house, going to the grocery for the first time in a month, preparing for my garage sale, or running... but blogging is a great distraction!))

1.  I LOVED my year of teaching in a Montessori school.  I taught in the pre-primary classroom in the morning (ages 3-5) and then taught in the kindergarten classroom in the afternoon.  Montessori gave me a great foundation in individualized instruction and meeting the needs of the whole child.  

2.  I tend to be overly organized and have a system for everything!  My teammates laugh when I pull everything out of my cabinets at the end of the school year to re-organize it.  I also love to plan for the school year.  Before every year begins, I create a scope and sequence of the year.  It is a challenge for me to be able to create weekly plans without seeing the big picture first!

3.  After 8 years of teaching, I will be leaving the classroom this upcoming school year.  It is bittersweet, but I am so excited for the next chapter of my career.  More info on the big move is coming soon! :)

1.  I have attempted to train for many races, but I have finally made the commitment to train for my first half marathon this fall!  I have my running plan set up and have signed up for the race (Detroit Free Press).  I am training with four other teachers on my staff.  Running is very challenging for me and it makes such a difference having friends to train with.  

2.  I do not have children, so I have become a mom to my two crazy cats, Charlie and Lola.  They are just over a year old and it's basically like I am living with toddlers.  I probably have more pictures of my cats than you do of your kids.  Everyday is a new adventure...

The collage below is dedicated solely to Charlie's antics!  I should probably start a blog just about him.  He gets into EVERYTHING.  Thank goodness he is cute and cuddly.


I would love love love to go on a hot air balloon ride!  When I was in elementary school, I won a coloring contest and was supposed to be able to go up in a balloon.  When the day came, it was too windy and they never rescheduled the event.  I am still bitter.  Someday, I will get the chance again!!  Bonus points if I get to ride in a hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon like they did on The Bachelor.  

Ok, that's all for now!  Visit my blogging friend below to link-up and grab the images for your own 3-2-1 Bio post!


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