Bright Ideas Round-Up!

I am excited that today's link-up has helped to get me out of my blogging slump!  Lately, my spare has been spent on painting my new house (2 rooms to go!), spending time with my nephew and family, playing with my kittens (aka: stopping them from eating my decorations), and catching up on sleep!  One of these days, I hope to get back to regular blogging.  Until then, here's a round-up of my favorite Bright Ideas posts from this past year!

Up first is one of my favorite posts that I've written on this blog!  If you can only visit one link, please check this one out.  This post features my Super Improver Wall and will give you ideas on how you can implement one in your own classroom.  The Super Improver Wall can help to build a classroom community and motivate your students.  This will be a game changer for your classroom.  

Next up is one of my favorite winter activities--shaving cream snowmen!  My students have a blast with this activity every year.  I link it to a writing project and it makes a great display in December or January.

Looking for a way to spice up your language instruction?  Try Compound Word Day!  This post gives ideas for creative ways to engage your students when teaching the parts of speech.

Finally, here's a quick tip that will save your sanity!  Visit the post below to learn how to use Washi tape to find your sharpest markers.  Once you start Washi-ing your markers, you will start to Washi everything!

I hope you've found a tip or trick that you can use in your own classroom!  Visit the link-up below to check out more Bright Ideas Round-Up posts.  These posts feature practical ideas with no products or advertisements--just quality Bright Ideas!


Back to School with BIC: Supply Giveaway!

This summer, the folks at BIC asked me if I would be interested in checking out their new school supply line.  (Yes, please)  I have always been obsessed interested in school supplies, so I was excited to see their new line of supplies!

In addition to a new line of supplies, BIC also launched the "Fight for Your Write" campaign this year.  The goal of the campaign is to encourage students to write more often and to reinforce how fun and empowering writing can be.  If you check out the Fight for Your Write website, you will see great tools and tips for both teachers and parents to encourage writing.  

Here are a few startling facts straight from the website:

It's obvious that we really need to focus on writing!!!

Bic's new line of supplies can help our students add a little pizzaz to their writing, along with making it easier to write.  Let's check them out:

School supply heaven!!!

 I had to laugh when I pulled these pens out of the box!  They definitely took me back to my childhood.  These would be perfect to use in the classroom for editing.  Students could use a specific color for each step of the editing and revising process: capitalization, punctuation, spelling, adding or changing words.

The next set of pens are basic writing pens.  I love the smooth ink feel (check out the Bic smoothness meter right on the package!) and they also have a padded grip.

I use whiteout tape ALL THE TIME.  I love the small size of these so that I can fit them in my desk organizer or supply pouch.

These are your typical mechanical pencils... except sparkly, of course.

Last, but not least, these are my favorite new BIC products!  As you can see on the packaging, these supplies were created for kids.  There is a pencil, stylus, and pen.  My favorite is the pencil!  Even in 2nd grade, I have students who can benefit from using a special pencil.  In the past, I have had these students use a wide pre-k wooden pencil.  I prefer this Bic pencil because it has a soft grip and a guiding line for proper finger placement.  It also has thicker lead that doesn't break nearly as easily when kids press hard.   It has been a great tool to reinforce proper handwriting and has helped my students' writing be more legible!  


Interested in getting your hands on a set up the supplies above?  BIC has offered to give away a box of all of the supplies I showcased!  Thanks BIC!  Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


October Currently

It is always a challenge for me to keep up with blogging during the school year.  Thank goodness for Farley's Currently to keep me going! 

Listening:  I recently discovered Hozier's popular song called Take Me to Church.  If you are familiar with the song, take some time to read the story behind the song--very interesting!  I created a Hozier Pandora station and love nearly every song the station plays.  

Loving:  I spent the evening babysitting my nephew, Asher.  He is 16 months old now and is a ton of fun.  He loves to cuddle and read books, be chased around the house, and play with bubbles in the bathtub.  He's pretty cute, too!

Thinking:  I am so thankful that I get to work with my best friends.  Last night, two of my co-workers came over after work.  We were planning on creating some Pinterest crafts, but instead, we made food and talked from 6 PM until 1:00 AM!  I made Pumpkin Pie Dip and Salted Caramel Bark.  Both were delicious and are pinned below.

Wanting: I bought my first home last January.  I spent the whole summer repainting and repairing places in the house.  The only room left to be painted is the kitchen!  My house does not quite feel like a home yet because all of my art and decorations are sitting in a closet (partly because I have two crazy kittens).  I still need to buy a few big pieces of furniture, too.  I am eager to be DONE.

Here are a few reasons why I had to put my decorations away:

Climbing practice...

Ok, I actually left this bowl out because Charlie loves to sit in it!

Oh Lola...

Needing:  Balance.  That was my word of the year last year.  Every school year, it is a challenge for me to find the balance between back to school mode and my non-teaching life.  I am treading water mode right now.  I need to focus on letting go, saying no, and finding time for myself!!!  Any suggestions?

Treat:  I am putting my TPT store on sale until Monday!  I made several new items this summer, such as...

{This one is a Freebie!}

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