Bright Idea: Washi Tape Trick!

Are you ready for the simplest Bright Idea ever?
It is SO simple, yet it will bring you forever happiness.

Raise your hand if you enjoy super sharp permanent markers...

{it's the little things in life, my friends}

See that piece of Washi Tape at the end of my marker?  That's the trick.

I have about 985972 Sharpies in my classroom, but not all of them are sharp!  Whenever I get out a new permanent marker from my hoarding collection supply, I wrap a piece of Washi Tape around the end.  When I have a job that requires a super sharp Sharpie, I simply grab the marker that has been Washi Taped!  When that marker is no longer super sharp, I pull off the tape and Washi Tape a new one.  Easy as that.  

Do you feel enlightened? :)

Do you have an amazing trick for Washi Tape?  Share in the comments below!
I am planning on a Washi Tape post soon!

PS: Here is an outtake from my Washi Tape photo shoot...

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  1. Great idea! I'll have to do this! I also have a "supply" of sharpies that continues to grow!

    The Reinspired Teacher

  2. My daughter gave me 50 sharpies for my 50th birthday last year. It was one of my favorite gifts! I have a love/hate relationship with washi tape but you could use a sticker or something else to "Mark" your sharpest tool.

  3. Great idea! I have a lot of unsharpened pencils in my office, and whenever I get down to doing a project, I usually have them all facing point down in the cup I put them in. I should definitely wrap washi tape on their ends, so I know which pencil to get. Thanks for sharing that hack, Kate! All the best to you! :)

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Co., Inc.

  4. Every year my kids get their group markers mixed up with other groups because they share them if a group needs a missing or used up color. Then there are issues with where the marker originally came from. So now I choose a different color for each group and put a piece of wash tape around each of their group marker with that color. No more fighting about where the marker belongs to!


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