Guest Post: Building a Classroom Community with GoNoodle

Hi.  It's me.  It's been awhile!

I have been treading water this school year, so blogging has hit the back burner.  I am hoping to be back this weekend to play catch up, but I may just spend the whole weekend sleeping! :)

I wanted to stop by quickly to tell you that I am guest posting over at GoNoodle today!  Stop by to see how I build a classroom community with GoNoodle.  I have a VERY active class this year, so GoNoodle brain breaks have been a life saver {for both me and my students!}  Click the photo below to read my post.

If you would like to help my very active kiddos, I also have a Donors Choose project posted right now.  I am asking for Hokki stools, wiggle seats, and fidgets to help my students improve their focus.

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  1. Great post over at the GoNoodle site! I started using GoNoodle myself this year. Last time I checked it out, I think I had bad luck with a couple of videos I tried, but now have several that I like. They are a must with my classes too this year. I was hoping to use them to give a needed break in the middle of my 70 minute ELA times, but my homeroom needs to do it FIRST THING each morning or else I can't get anything done..



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